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cquainted with progress in technology and innovation amid great challenges. The Ch▓inese government's input in science and technology has in▓creased from 56 million yuan in 1953 to 254 billion yuan in 2008. The Minister of Science & Technology, high▓lighted the achievement during a Wednesday press conference. The Minister of Science & Technology, Wang Gan▓g, says China's conditions for technological development have improved drastically over the past six decades. He adds that the Chinese government has continuously increased funding for SCI-TECH development.Wan Gan▓g, Chinese Science & Tech Minister, said, "The▓ government's SCI-TECH appropriation has increased▓ from 5

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6 million yuan in 1953 to 254 billion yuan in 2008. And in 2008, China's gross expenditures in R&D, hit 457▓ billion yuan, accounting for 1.52% of the GDP."Wan Gang says developments in science and technology o▓ver the past six decades have significantly contributed to▓ China's economy, social progress, people's livelihood, and national security.Wan Gang said, "The successful manned space flights, and the launch of a lunar satellite, have made China one of a few countries capable of making c▓ontributions to the world's peaceful use of space. Science and technology have also played important roles in major engineering projects, including the Three ▓Gorges Dam, gas transmission lines, and the Qinghai-Tibet▓ Railw

ay."But the minister points out that China's scientific and technological strength still needs to catch up to developed countries. He says China has to improve ▓the application of science and technology in tackling

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